Unveiling Joy Mission 

Unveiling Joy empowers Arab women to pursue safety, hope and joy while lifting the veil of anguish and abuse

Real issues faced by Arab women and girls:

Lack of Human Rights

Human Trafficking

Child brides

Sexual Assaults, Group Rape

Violent, Damaging Physical and Verbal Abuse

Chronic Depression

No Safe Place

Join the effort to ensure practical help is within REACH of Arab women and girls. 

We want them to know they are not alone.

There are great organizations that are collaborating & working together to provide women Real Solutions that are accessible to them in their own cities.

When women contact us in person or through social media and request counseling and ask questions, that process then comes under the unique Vision/Mission of each partner that works to provide practical help such as counseling, support for refugees, finding safe solutions to their situation, and other wholesome endeavors.